›me: all my presumptions about
›reality were slowly stripped away
›until I was facing a static-y
›sterile terrifying universe...
›meanings associated with everything
›were taken away from me along with
›my memories and sense of self but
›even saying universe sort of feels
›like a personification...
›it was awful
1:04 AM
›i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy
›i was having panic attacks days later
›thankfully paisley was there
›Tim: jeez man
›that's nogood
1:08 AM
›me: it was really, really bad
1:09 AM
›did you know ben todd?
1:10 AM
›Tim: ben todd
›one of your friends right
›saw him like a day or two eh
›me: mm
›he committed suicide last week
›Tim: whaaaaat
1:11 AM
›me: had to go in to nashville last
›really really aweful
›i considered him pretty close
1:18 AM
›me: it was pretty fucked up
›i shoveled dirt on his coffin
›but not sure i still understand -

2:00 AM
›the night before i found out
›i had a dream about this plane
›crashing like, 20 ft away from
›me and a group of people, and
›they started clapping because
›they didn't think it was real