☞ david czyz

✑ em ai l

◍  MJ Space Jam Deep Eyes

Projecting MJ into space.


▶▉  4 Fams/Cams

A window into four families via unintentionally unsecured security cameras. Temporal.
**New Cams!**
Most Cams are down. :(

◐  Planetary Prolapse (WIP)

**Code failure from change to the Google Fonts API, working on a fix**
Use of dream, hypnagogic, hypnopompic, and natural C.E.V. (Close Eyed Visualizations) states to form an unstructured narrative referencing and created from subconscious states.

☺  Claxtech

Corporate/Scientific gobbledygook

❒  Brain Box
 More unconscious vomimaginem

✉  Emails

 A few emails sent/received.

✏  Computers Club Drawing Society

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